Are you ready to completely change  your space or create a simple accent to a room…  Here are a few helpful idea’s to make your experience less grueling and a bit more fun.

Determine why you want a change:

I’m bored

I love what  my friends have done

I saw “it” in a magazine

I’m getting new furnishings

I can’t afford a remodel 

Next determine what will need changing to make it happen:

Start with a budget… along the way you may find that you can acheive GREAT looks with items you already have, but budget with the idea of replacement or additional items!!   Plan the time needed… if you are a Do It Yourselfer, ask your professional friends for approximate times to complete a project and/or get bids.  You may find that hiring a job done may not be a spendy as you thought. Another bonus would be that you aren’t trying to stuff one more activity in your busy schedule.  Be certain any outside help you hire is licensed and bonded. 

Be honest with yourself about  what you want to achieve … If I change this then I’ll have to purchase that… then this will not work so… what if that wall was moved….. think of all aspects.  Paint, flooring, furnishings, home accents, plumbing, electrical service and time.

Have a spouse or friend help keep you accountable in the process.  Gather pictures work out a color pallette (not just for paint) . Start shopping for laborers and/or supplies.  Make certain anyone helping understands your project schedule and check our site for additional ideas while you change it up!