Amazing things can happen inside or outside to a home when working with textures.


Texture is an element that brings the sense of depth and interest to your home. Whether it is wall or ceiling texture, flooring type, wood, stone, brick or fabric, decorating with texture brings life to your room.  Imagine your room completely smooth – no pattern in fabrics, no trim, no carved or shaped wood furnishings or doors, plain flat walls and ceilings, a texture free room.  Even if the color is fabulous, one glance around, you would be bored and disinterested. 
Layering textures can complete your style.  As you add each layer, take the time to step back and check your progress.                                                              The first step of design is texture in the structure and basic architectural details of a house or room. Look around your home for ceiling texture, wall texture, the texture of moldings, doors and flooring to determine any changes.
Need a quick and inexpensive textural change in a room, do it with paint.  If you want the details to stand out paint them a contrasting color to the walls.  This will give you texture and accent.  If you want them to disappear, paint them out the same color as the walls.  Also choose paint sheen to create texture.   See What’s Sheen Level?