When I am asked about Saltwater generated Chlorine vs.

stabilized Chlorine tablets,these are some Pros and Cons I


  • Saltwater generators are expensive when it is installed and require the same care as any pool, some people believe after the initial start up for chemical balancing  that you do not have to add chlorine as salt makes chlorine.  Many times depending on temperatures,  size of the pool, and bather load the genrator itself must either be adjusted or small amounts of chlorine are needed to maintain sanitizer levels. WATER MUST BE BALANCED!
  • Salt is softer on your skin.  If infact you are able to maintain recommended Ph levels between 7.2 and 7.8 otherwise muriatic acid or bisulfates are used to balance. Alkilinity can also be high in salt genertated pools. which can be more troublesome on your equipment… maybe not your skin.
  •  SOME of the new salt systems are great, as they monitor and clean themselves from scale and build up that can cause them to not work as they should or monitor levels properly. They should be cleaned at least two or three times a season.
  • You also do not have the obnoxious little floater in your pool all the time with salt.  You don’t  have to use a floater with cholrine tablets either. Adjustable in- line and off- line feeders are available for under 100.00 dollars are are very easy to install.
  • Both systems generate Disinfection By Products (DBP). Both systems are very climate dependent and also vary based on pool usage.
  •  When using a salt system in your pool  you must be made aware a salt system can harm the equipment when it is in a “runaway chlorine” environment which can be common if the unit isn’t operated properly or if water isn’t tested and balanced regularly. In a runaway chlorine environment, the chlorine created by the salt system could potential dissolve the heat exchanger in a heater in a couple of days. I recommend you research the product independent of the sales environment prior to making your decision to convert to salt.
  • Until just recently many heater manufacturers would not warranty the heaters on salt generated systems.
  • No pool is a hands off pool, they all require some tlc.