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Great Solutions For Your Water Care


At Kidoodleswe carry premier products manufactured and tested by Advantis Technologies to keep your pool and hot tubs running sparkly clean and efficient.   We sell bulk chemicals for all types of commercial venues and also our residential customers.  Lynda works directly with the local Health Department to ensure safety for everyone.  We provide a “Quick Start” water chemistry course every April and anyone interested may attend. “I believe it’s necessary for every pool or hot tub owner to have a basic knowledge of their equipment, how their personal system runs, easy to follow instructions to maintain care free water and troubleshooting tips to help make ownership as pleasant as it should be”.  Give us a call with your questions and we will do our best to give you a real answer.  Bring us a water sample and let us provide you with test results within the day and “how to adjustments”.  Our years of experience and dedication to staying above water on the newest innovations make us  Chelan Valley’s choice!


Keep Your Water Safe

“Just because the water looks clear,

doesn’t mean that problems aren’t lurking beneath it’s surface.”

“ Good water quality is not difficult once you understand it… the most important aspect is understanding that it is necessary throughout a season and there are constant variables that change your waters ability to stay balanced.

Feel free to visit the trusted companies we represent.

skSeaKlear is your expert source for water clarity and stain solutions for pools & spas. Our full product lines help you treat your pool or spa easily and effectively, taking the fear and frustration out of maintenance so you can enjoy your time in your pool, not cleaning it.


glThe Great Life Begins with GLB Pool & Spa products. Since 1956, GLB has been on the cutting edge of product development for swimming pool and spa/hot tub water care. From the industry’s first non-chlorine shock, to the latest in enzyme-based products, GLB’s comprehensive product line contains everything you need for a lifetime of pool and spa enjoyment.


World Leaders in Innovation and Reliability!    Get More from your pool, spa, and water features with Pentair Water Pool and Spa equipment and accessories… more energy efficiency, enhanced safety, longer service life, cleaner water, more dependability, easier operation and the latest trends! By applying imaginative thinking and the latest technology, our products make pool ownership more convenient, enjoyable, and affordable than ever before.

Leaders in Water Quality

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